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3 Big Laser Hair Removal Secrets

The removal of the unwanted hair has always been an issue concerning many women and men. The methods used in the past were rather painful and didn’t have any lasting effect. In recent years more and more people try waxing, laser or IPL, with varying results.

Lasertreatmentforface.com take a deep look at some basic principles of lasers and IPL hair removal in combination with some big secrets you should know about these treatments.

The Aim Of Laser Hair Removal

The target of all light sources that are used for hair removal is melanin (the dark skin pigment), which is concentrated in the hair follicle, thereby allowing proper energy and pulse duration which is absorbed by it, destroying the hair without burning the surrounding skin.

In practice, there is also melanin in the skin so the laser may not be concentrated only around the enclave but concentrate to the surrounding skin too, ultimately resulting in reduced efficiency and the possibility of sunburn. For this reason, the ideal combination for hair removal is the white skin that has dark hair.

#1 First of all, you need to know the different hair removal devices that exist and what each one can achieve.  There are three main categories of laser hair removal devices and we will see the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

laser hair removal girl2Laser Hair Removal Types And Advantages-Disadvantages

In most of countries in general there are three types of lasers that are being used for hair removal (depending on the wavelength used). There are also IPL hair removal devices (intense pulsed light = intense pulsed light)), that are NOT lasers. Theoretically the application of lasers and evaluation of parameters and the result requires a doctor’s presence , while in order to apply a beautician is sufficient.

The three categories of laser hair removal devices are the

  • at 755nm,
  • The diode laser at 800-810nm and the
  • Nd-YAG at 1064nm.

What you need to know is that the longer the wavelength the deeper the beam of the laser penetrates (so heats and destroys the entire hair follicle) but unfortunately the less of it is being absorbed by melanin (so it is concentrated less on hair).

Therefore the alexandrite remains more superficial but pulled from the darkso it is ideal for dark hair on white skin and dark or tanned skin can make easily burn) .

The longer wavelengths the deeper they go but they are not as well absorbed from the melanin. Therefore the diode and Nd-YAG laser are best for darker skins that have more melanin in the epidermis (harder to get burned) and more profound hair (ie male) but they hurt more.

The IPL has a similar wavelength as lasers, but a range from 590-1200 nm thereby not only absorbed by the melanin. It is quite effective in light skins, in non-hormone-dependent areas (such as underarms and bikini) but can easily cause burns if you move the volume up. Generally it requires more sessions than lasers while it is not as effective, so IPL hair removal devices have been approved to reduce hair growth rather than performing permanent hair removal.

#2 The second secret to learn if you are interested in laser hair removal is that even if we burned all the hair in the area of hair removal (the intensity and depth of light is enough and operator accuracy in full session to affect all hairs) only 15-20% of the total hair will be gone permanently. This is because that is the percentage of the hair that is hit in their anagen phase life cycle (growth phase) and if you hit them correctly they will not appear again. The rest will disappear but will grow again after 4-8 weeks depending on the area of the body. That is why we need more sessions of laser hair removal per region.

#3 The third and very basic secret of laser hair removal is whether the unwanted hair exists on hormone dependent or non-hormone-depended areas. In the non-hormone-dependent areas like bikini, hands (forearms) underarms and legs laser hair removal, if done properly (with sufficient energy, pulse time, good cooling and right intervals sessions) laser hair removal will require about 6-8 treatments (calculate that 80-85% of the hair is left by the previous time). For this reason there isn’t a specific timetable and cost that can be promised. 

In contrast to hormone-dependent regions such as (especially the chin, neck) chest or abdomen it is risky to give the number of sessions because the hairs can grow again continuously. It is more appropriate to define the start amount of money on the basis of the outcome, regardless of the number of hair removal sessions that will be needed. In any case and whatever the nature of the area, even though we have achieved an excellent result (decrease hair growth 90-95%) in the initial round of sessions  a maintenance performing a laser hair removal treatment about 1 time in 6 months will be needed to maintain the good result .

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