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7 Tips For Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a simple process, but in order to proceed with a laser hair removal treatment we should know some things. Let’s see now some practical tips you need to know before and during the sessions for laser hair removal

1-Before you start having a laser hair removal treatment or agree to treat ask if the machine to be used is laser or IPL (which as we said is not laser) and seek to know the company and its model. There are many different machines with different efficiency and safety which you can find many elements from both the internet and the opinions of other users and from doctors you trust. Do not book packets if you are not previously informed properly.

2-The ideal scenario before the start of the laser hair removal treatments is to make a few test shots in the area of treatment in order for the doctor to see if there is any danger of small reddish bumps appearance and for the patient to understand the level of the laser treatment pain and whether to require some anesthetic cream or not.

3 – Do not be seduced by low prices and any promotions that you can find. The price of the laser hair removal treatment may appear very low but the session may be so hastily and with low intensity and may need many more times and eventually pay cumulatively greater amount with doubtful results. Ask from the beginning a possible timetable with the total (approximately) number of sessions depending on your area of interest, the cost per session and the total cost for a good result (85-95% reduction in hair growth). Negotiate serious discounts if you need extra sessions.

4-Prefer doctors or laser hair removal centers that keep track of the patients and note each time the parameters that are being used, the possible side effects during or after the session (change in skin complexion, burns, bursitis or herpes etc.), evaluating the results of each session and change the settings (intensity, pulse duration, frequency) to improve efficiency. As much as laser hair removal treatment seems simple it must respect certain rules and it is advisable to require serious consideration.

5-If the cause of increased hair growth is a hormonal disorder (eg elevated androgens in poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) talk to your dermatologist about a combination therapy with lasers and contraceptives and / or anti-androgen orally received. Generally it is not recommended to stop the systematic oral therapy when starting the laser, because as we said in the previous article the hormonal background make hair removal difficult and requires more sessions.

6-The area that is to be treated with laser must be shaved and apply gentle sterilization before the session (eg with octenidine solution) and then it is good to wash for 1-2 days with chlorine soap to prevent bursitis. If nevertheless bursitis occurs (especially burned, thick hair) there is the clindamycin topical solution application that disappears quickly.

7- Laser hair removal should be avoided by patients that are receiving isotretinoin for acne orally until 6 months after stopping, taking photosensitive agents (such as tetracycline) and to recently blackened skin. After the laser hair removal treatment you should wear sunscreen with SPF of at least SPF30 for at least 1 month. Also good is to avoid creams with irritants such as topical retinoids and AHA before and after the session.

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