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BBL laser treatment

BBL laser (Broad Band Light) is an innovative treatment system that is developed by Sciton, a leader company in aesthetic and medical technology. BBL laser is a laser system that delivers photofacial treatment to improve skin problems and can be used for laser treatment of acne and scars as well as skin conditions like aging, sun damage, small facial veins and other.

The BBL laser treatment could be tailored in order to match each individual’s skin type and the desired results that he wants to have. It can treat any body area. The most common use of BBL laser is in areas that are most exposed to the damaging sun beam effects. The most popular areas that are treated using this method are the face, the neck, the chest and shoulders and the back of the hands.

How does BBL laser work?

Sciton BBL laser delivers light energy that gently heats the upper skin layers without damaging them. The heat of the laser beam is absorbed by the skin and stimulate the skin cells in order to produce more collagen foundation, something that increases skin firmness. The process restores the skin to the natural condition and beauty and blends the natural colors of the skin, something that makes it smoother and looking younger. Also, the photo-thermal energy that is produced by BBL laser eliminates the fine vessels that are the elements that cause the redness and also reduces the pigmented lessons because it reduces the unwanted melanin.

before and after results of treatment using Sciton bbl laser

What happens during the BBL treatment?

The eyes are covered with glasses or safety shields in order to be protected. You may feel something warm as the light is absorbed by your skin and it could be like a rubber band snap feeling. The whole treatment may take half an hour or less depending the area and the size of the area that is treated an the type of the procedure and is applied. The BBL laser treatment is noninvasive and safe. If necessary, the treatment area is being desensitized before or during the treatment to ensure the patient’s comfort. Depending on the condition or the problem that is being treated there are no after effects, or there is only a mild pinkness that will fade after a couple of days. If the treatment is used for brown spots removal, they will start darken and then fall off the skin.

How many BBL laser treatments will I need?

The number of BBL treatments needed varies and the clinician always personalizes the treatment depending on the results you desire and and nature of the condition. BBL laser treatment could be also be combined with other aesthetic treatments to further personalize the treatment.

Are there any after effects?

Some redness could be experience after BBL laser treatment but it will disappear after few hours.For some pigmented areas they will become darker till they initially fall off. The skin will feel good, smoother and the pores will be less noticeable. Sunspots  or any pigmentation will fade and disappear. The results are always depended on the condition, the number of treatments and the specific area that is being treated.

Always follow the clinician’s aftercare instructions. He may give you some skin care products and tell you how exactly should you use them. After the BBL laser treatment you will be sensitive to sun light and should avoid direct exposure to the sun until the skin is completely healed. The use of sunscreen is always recommended when you are outdoors.

How long will it take to recover?

BBL and body is a noninvasive and gentle treatment. In most cases you will be immediately capable to follow your everyday activities and return to work or other duties.

BBL laser treatment video presentation.

This is a video presentation of Sciton BBL laser treatment followed with some patient testimonial.

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