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Candela Alex TriVantage Laser Review

Most of dermatologists claim that the Alex TriVantage (Alexlzr) laser is the faster available laser that can remove hyper-pigmentation.  It is a triple wavelength Alexandrite laser that can handle the toughest pigmentation and can also remove the brightest tattoo ink.

Alex Trivantage Laser Can Treat The Following:

  • Birthmarks
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Age spots/Sun Spots
  • Nevus Of Ota/Ito
  • Scars
  • Tattoos of all sizes and colors
  • Café au Lait Freckles

Alex TriVantage is a laser device that can minimize the discomfort during the treatment because it does not cause the common “hot spots” that other lasers do. This reduces the risk of skin tissue damage and also reduces the chance of skin texture changes.

Pigmented birthmarks and on the areas of the neck, face, hands, torso, or other areas of the body can be quickly removed using the Alex Trivantage laser device. The laser energy cuts down the pigmented molecules in tiny particles that can be cleaned up and removed from the body’s system.

How does an Alexandrite laser work to remove a tattoo?

Q-switched lasers remove the tattoos using very short bursts of energy to deliver the laser light in the skin. They create an effect that gets the ink fragmented and allows the phagocytosis natural body’s process to get rid off the remaining dispersed ink particles. In order to treat different tattoo colors different wavelengths are required. Alex Trivantage uses multiple wavelengths and can recognize the colors of the tattoo and target each one of them separately. Not all the tattoos can be removed 100% because tattoo ink could have come from many sources like organic ingredients. Since the laser light is monochromatic, a variety of different wavelengths is required in order to treat different tattoo colors. The multiple wavelengths of the Alex Trivantage can actually “see” all the colors in the tattoo and target each one. Not all tattoos can be removed at 100% as tattoo ink comes from many sources with a variety of organic and inorganic pigment ingredients. The number of treatments that are needed depend on the size and the color range of the tattoo.

Candela Informational Video About Alex TriVantage Laser


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