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Skin Care After Laser Treatment

after laser treatment

Skin care after having any treatment with laser is very easy and simple. Follow this advice that is useful for all laser treatments like laser skin tightening,laser skin resurfacing, , and varicose veins laser treatment. During the first couple of days following a laser treatment who should be careful and ...

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3 Acne-Free Tips For Fighting Acne


We all know how depressing is to suffer from skin problems like acne, especially in festive seasons like Christmas and special occasions like birthday parties or prom nights! As such, any tips and tricks on how to eliminate the acne are just as welcomed like the gifts or cuddles and kisses ...

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Anti-age recipe for all types of skin

anti age cream

Anti-age recipe for all skin types. Ideal for dry and mature wrinkles. The following cosmetic is recommended and suitable for all skin types, especially for dry. It also helps irritated and sensitive skin and is excellent for the aged skin. You will create a 30 ml base oil, which consists of ...

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Some advices for dry skin care


Many factors are causing skin to dry, especially things that have to do with the fast pace of the modern life. Worries, economical problems that cause anxiety, tension and age make the skin to become drier, may cause lines near eyes and mouth, wrinkles and loosing of the color and ...

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