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Cellulaze Laser Treatment For Cellulite

Cellulaze is a brand new laser treatment that is the only FDA approved laser procedure specially designed to treat cellulite problems. The cellulite structure that lies beneath your skin is being attacked from this treatment and the results are very good and long-lasting. Let’s see what exactly is the Cellulaze cellulite laser and solve all your questions about it.

How does Cellulaze laser work?

This laser device has a small tube (very small, as you can see in the picture). This tiny tube is inserted under the patient’s skin. A special designed fiber that exists inside this tube delivers its energy when being under the skin. This laser procedure increases the quality and the thickness of your and realeases the fibrous bands that pull down your skin giving it the orange look that is caused by cellulite. Also, the pockets of fat that exist in the fibrous bands under your skin are being destroyed. 

Is Cellulaze Laser Treatment The Right One For Me?

This type of treatment can have the best possible results if used for women that are not much overweight but have developed moderate cellulite problems on the arms, their buttocks, their thighs or other areas of the body. For women that are significantly overweight should be the right way to go. You can also combine the cellulite laser treatment with liposuction on the same day without any problem.

How Does Cellulaze Perfom In Comparison With Other Treatments

Many other treatments exist that claim that can get rid of the cellulite. The other types of treatments like lotions and creams, massages, external devices etc. can treat the cellulite problem temporarily and they need repeated applications to maintain a good result. Cellulaze is the only cellulite treatment that releases the fibrous bands and can alter the structure of the fat that is causing cellulite permanently.

How Do I Know That Cellulaze Really Works?

Many years of clinical studies and research has be done prior of the release of this treatment. FDA has approved it and the FDA studies have show us that the thickness of the skin is increased by 25%, the elasticity of the skin by 29%. Having more skin’s elasticity and a thicker skin can help the skin’s surface to be smoother and the appearance of the cellulite to be improved. 93% – a significant percentage of the patients that have surveyed were very satisfied after a year of the treatment and claim that they had very good results.

Does The Cellulite Laser Treatment Hurt?

Local anesthesia is always used before the treatment so pain is not involved at all. Some minimal discomfort may be caused during the procedure but nothing scary. After the treatment some tenderness could be experienced like having some workout at the gym.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

The cellulite laser procedure will take about 1-2 hours. It strongly depends of the size of the area that has to be treated.

How Long Do The Results Last?

FDA’s research has shown that the results can last up to one year. (their study has followed patients up to one year after having their treatment). However it is important for the patient to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet along with some exercise in order to enjoy the full benefit of this treatment.

The cellulite laser procedure is usually performed in just a single treatment but in some cases maybe additional treatments would be necessary.

What Are The Risks Of Cellulite Cellulaze Treatment?

First of all scarring is not something that happens a lot but it has a chance to happen like in every other invasive surgical procedure. The other risks of the treatment are similar to liposuction like infection, bleeding, reaction to anesthetics or medication, abnormal pigmentation, blistering, all these are some rare complications that can happen in any skin treatment surgery.  The Cellulaze treatment has risks similar to liposuction.

What Is The Recovery Time?

As we said before, this is a minimally invasive procedure that just needs local anesthesia. The patient will be able to return to everyday activities in just a day or two. You may be asked from your physician to wear a compression garment for some days after the Cellulaze treatment.


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