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Choosing A Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Requirements for Laser Hair Removal Practitioners

Laser Hair Removal is a special medical procedure that is required to follow the state laws and regulations. Most of the state laws and regulations follow the guidelines provided by the FDA (Food & Drug Association). But you should be aware of the fact that each state may have different laws regarding laser hair removal procedure. You should make your own research and guarantee that the technician that is going to perform the treatment meets the state’s requirements and regulations.You can find these regulations for each state .

The state regulations have three main categories. Each category is based on FDA guidelines and describe different levels of involvement from the technician.

  • Supervision                                                                                                                                                  There are states that a supervision or presence of a medical doctor during the laser procedure is not necessary. However, the doctor should take personal responsibility for the laser treatment performed. The doctor is the one that guarantees that the technician is competent and the treatment procedure will be done right. This limited supervision from the doctor from these states does not mean that doctor’s responsibility is not defined in different ways. The owner of the laser clinic could be a non-medical professional or a doctor.
  • Direct
    A medical doctor to perform the laser hair removal is not required by some states. But supervision of a doctor is required. That means that the doctor should have presence during the procedure and immediately available in case some extra medical assistant is needed. The clinic could be owned by a non-medical professional or a doctor.
  • Physician Only                                                                                                                                       This type of regulation exists in some states that will allow only a medical doctor to perform the laser procedure. However, the doctor can use a RN, PA or other licensed medical professional to handle the laser device. This professional could perform the procedure under the supervision of the doctor, having the protection of the doctor’s insurance. At this type of regulation for some states, a non-medical professional cannot own the laser clinic.

Level Of Experience Of The Laser Technician

The level of experience of the laser technician who will operate the laser hair removal device is a great measure to be aware of. There isn’t any standard procedure or test that you can find out how skilled is a laser hair removal technician, but you can ask the right questions in order to find out whether the laser technician is experienced or not.

You can evaluate and check a couple of technicians before you proceed and make your final choice. Ask and find out how long have they been performing laser hair removal treatments, what type of laser devices have they used and how many times have they performed the laser hair removal procedure in the clinic. Inquire about their education and if they are actively involved in medical societies. Also ask  if they partake in ongoing training. Discuss with the technician about the different types of lasers, your skin type and hair type and even the state regulations that you have learned.

The Consultation Of Laser Hair Removal

The consultation about laser hair removal is the time when you have the chance to ask all the smart questions and evaluate the clinic that you are going to choose for your laser hair removal treatment.

It is also the time to discuss and plan the potential laser hair removal treatments. Your hair type and skin type will be analyzed and the best possible laser treatment schedule will be determined for your special needs. From my experience, most of these laser treatment consultations are totally free of charge. The consultation is something that you can take advantage of this. You could even attend more than one, take your notepad and be prepared to ask your questions and even take notes if you need to.

Let’s see a sample of questions that you could ask during a consultation of laser hair removal:

Laser Hair Removal Consultations Sample Questions:

  • Do you know exactly how many laser treatments have you performed in this laser clinic? How long have you been performing laser treatments for hair removal? Can you tell me more about your experience and your training?
  • I have read that I cannot perform laser hair removal having a tanned skin. Can you explain that to me with more detail? How long before my laser treatment for my face should I avoid facial exposure to the sun?
  • What is the type of laser devices that you use? Do you think they are right for my skin color and type? Have you ever performed laser hair removal treatment to patients that have a skin type that is similar to mine? And what about my hair color? Is the combination for my skin type and hair color good for this treatment?
  • If I think that I can have some benefit from it, could I talk with one of your previous patients to talk about the treatment and their experience?
  • What are the rules about shaving before the laser hair removal treatment? Should I shave the area just before the treatment? Should I shave the area performing a close shave?


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