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Dermafrac micro-channeling

Dermafrac is a revolutionary micro-channeling methid for beautiful skin that is completely painless with no downtime.

In what situations is Dermafrac appropriate;

Dermafrac system is safe and effective for many types of skin and improves conditions such as:

  • Acne
  • Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Dehydration of Skin
  • Wrinkles and surface lines
  • Discolorations, sunspots and uneven skin tone

Dermafrac is personalized with the appropriate choice of substances and aimed precisely at the specific condition that troubles you


Dermafrac laser provides wonderful cocktail of peptides, which stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, relaxing muscles discreetly in a completely natural way


Hyaluronic acid causes strong skin hydration. The patented formula receiver, which uses the technology of HylaSponge has the ability to maintain this skin hydration.


The lactic and salicylic acid have the capacity to assist in controlling the outbreak of acne.


The Kojic Acid (a natural bleaching agent without using chemical bleaches) acts against discoloration.

How does Dermafrac micro-channeling work?

The Dermafrac laser head that is a high precision head uses suction mechanism for gripping the skin tissue and bring it into direct contact with hundreds of tiny spikes located in the head. These tiny pins are creating paths for injecting certain substances in the form of serum, which penetrate the top layer of the skin but over the capillaries and the nerve endings, achieving a successful bloodless and painless treatment.

Designed to improve the overall appearance of your skin, this procedure results in the greatest absorption of serum  of fibroblasts and the activation of the natural mechanism for increasing the production of collagen.

Is there downtime?

No. The Dermafrac allows you to return to your daily activities immediately. If you want, you can use some make up immediately after the end of treatment. The occurrence of a relative redness in the skin is common, and rapidly attenuates. The degree of redness is directly related to the level of stimulation of skin tissue during the treatment session.

Does it hurt?

The high precision machine head of Dermafrac prevents any pain or bleeding, and therefore makes the treatment a very pleasant process without any downtime. The Dermafrac is an excellent alternative to treatments with fractional laser technology () and can be applied during the summer.

How many sessions are needed;

The exact treatment time varies and will be determined depending on the needs of your skin. Dermafrac micro-channeling treatment is suitable for all ages and especially for sensitive skin types and dark skinned. The doctors will give you additional personalized instructions, if required.

You can watch this video to watch a sample of  a Dermafrac laser treatment.

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