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Fractional Erbium Glass Laser

In this article we will examine the fractional erbium glass laser technology. Erbium glass laser is the latest technology of fractional laser that is being used for skin resurfacing without having any complications.

Over the past decades with the great development of Photobiology and technology of lasers have released many different machines with multiple uses. Some of them are used to regenerate the skin, eliminate wrinkles and increase skin firmness.
Most of these devices make use of the absorption of water and as a result from the burns they cause they remove layers of the skin (which is equivalent to the peelings), targeting the renewal of the skin surface. Such devices are  in 10600nm and ER-YAG at 2940nm. The problem with such devices is that it can easily cause side effects such as temporary or permanent discoloration of the skin, infections if you do not respect the rules of antisepsis, burns and scars, while it is necessary to keep at home for 7-10 or more days with continuous care.

To reduce these side effects companies have implemented the fractional technology, which cuts the beam of radiation into several small columns, which affect the skin portions, leaving many gaps between the intact tissue in order to heal faster. A typical application of these lasers are small dark spots in round or square groups on the skin.
Complications of fractional lasers CO2 and ER: Yag compared with conventional are reduced but continue to occur, especially if the move much intensity to achieve best results. Correspondingly, the healing time at home has been limited, but again it will take 4-5 days absence from work and outdoor activity.

A few years ago appeared even more advanced lasers, non-invasive with  the main representative being the fractional Erbium Glass (Er: Glass) laser at 1550nm. Their advantage is that they do not burn the skin surface but penetrate into the deeper layer of the skin, where they give heat to the cells that are found there.

How does fractional erbium glass laser work?

With the activation of the cells of the dermis the skin is stimulated to produce collagen resulting in the ‘filling’ of wrinkles and scars by their depth, the minimization of open resources and the increased pulling of the skin as a whole and therefore the lowering of skins softness. Their uses are not limited here. By heating the sebaceous glands, reducing their size, they take the sebum to the surface and cause the death of acne (p.acnes), as told by patients in a clinic laser cleaning without the risk of infection and without the constant repetition of the usual cleaning.

Where the fractional erbium glass laser has brought real revolution is in decline of the white striae (stretch marks) in the abdomen, buttocks or breasts, an aesthetic problem that could not be solved until recently. Also erbium glass laser significantly reduces the color and size of hypertrophic scars, softens the texture and you could have visible results from the first session on the acne scars.
Lately it is investigated the potential beneficial role in preventing and halting the loss of the hair.

Does fractional erbium glass laser  have side effects?

Side effects are minimal and essentially limited to temporary hyper-pigmentation of the treated area if the patient does not notice the sunny days after the meeting that the skin is irritated. For this reason we recommend the continued use of sunscreen even on cloudy days. While not substantially injure the skin there is no fear of infection, burns, scarring or permanent change of timbre.

How long should I stay at home if I make a session with fractional erbium glass laser?
The swelling subsides in a day but it is so mild that does not disturb the social activity while blushing gradually decreases immediately after the end of the session and completely disappears after 2-3 days, but in the meantime it can be comfortable covered comfortable using make-up, preferably liquid .All you need is the frequent application of a thin layer of moisturizer and a sunscreen with a high protection factor.

How often are the erbium glass laser sessions and how many will I need?

The sessions should be made at intervals of 3-4 weeks, ie essentially a month. Improving perceived faults from the first time but generally recommend 4-6 consecutive times in total depending on the reason for treatment and the extent of damage. After 1-2 repetitions needed time for maintenance of the effect.

Cost of erbium glass laser treatments.

The cost depends on the extend of damage on which the treatment will be applied. The type of the machine is another cost factor. Some older Erbium Glass lasers have very expensive heads and the cost per session reaches a few hundred euros. Unlike newer and equally efficient machines are much cheaper allowing the clinics to reduce the cost.
For more information you can contact the doctors or respectively laser centers to be fully informed about fractional erbium glass laser treatments.

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