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The big advantage of fraxel laser

Regeneration of skin with Fraxel Laser

The is the most comprehensive arrow to the quiver of the experienced dermatologist – plastic surgeon in order to treat skin lesions created by time and life’s circumstances. It is perhaps the most common and globally accepted solution to regenerate the skin, ensuring a healthier skin.

Healthy skin is desired by both doctors engaged in aesthetic dermatology and from the people that are thinking about doing something good for the skin in the least invasive way. The Fraxel ensures healthy skin and the skin itself looks better and corrects imperfections that time, sun and other factors have created.

In other words, the Fraxel awakens the regenerative capacity of the body itself and that is why the results are completely natural. The results are totally natural, because the goal of therapy is Fraxel activation of collagen, which is the “heart” of the skin. Collagen is what plays the most important role for the volume , support and elasticity of the skin and is what wears out and decreases over time.

Skin collages is like a water tank, which has been cracked and loses water steadily with time. The Fraxel laser comes to fill this tank with fresh water. The tank may continue to have losses, but it will replenish the volume of water that was before three to four or five years.

The great advantage of Fraxel laser

The comparative advantage of Fraxel treatment is able to give the experienced operator to have full control of the recovery time after the session.This means that the patient can choose an aggressive treatment with erythema, which may take 5 or 6 days, or a less aggressive therapy, where after the next session the patient will be able to return to social obligations.

Naturally, in this case more sessions are required to ensure the desired effect. The Fraxel Laser is a safe and effective and body, which is not limited to the face to treat wrinkles, discoloration or scarring acne lesions. It is the treatment of choice for clamping the neck, chest and on the dorsal surface of the hands to improve the texture and eliminate freckles and impresses with its action to combat stretch marks of teen age and stretch marks caused during the pregnancy.

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