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Fraxel Laser Treatment Side Effects

We will take a deep look into the side effects of fraxel laser and how to protect your skin after the treatment. is a great treatment for your skin but you should be aware and have a knowledge about the side effects and how can you control them in the best possible way.

The fraxel  laser is a noninvasive laser that acts deep into the skin by activating the natural healing process results in the production of collagen, that is the natural skin renewal material. An advantage of fraxel laser treatment is that it has the maximum therapeutic efficiency while maintaining the surrounding skin tissue intact.

 The treatments with fraxel laser have proven effective in the treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, the skin regeneration and rejuvenation of the neck, bust and armsFraxel treatment gives youthful, fresher appearance and smoother texture to the skin. It also improves skin’s tone and the pore size.

It is also effective in the various problems caused by the sun, such as the dark spots and melasma, the aging and the radial keratiasi. Finally can improve or eliminate acne scars and signs postoperatively .

Fraxel laser treatment may have some minor side effects but it does not require the interruption of daily activities. Depending on the type and skin problem and taking into account the social and professional obligations of each person, we can decide how we want to achieve the results of treatment. An intensive therapy requires fewer sessions. Maximum results are achieved in 3-5 sessions, spaced 2-6 weeks.

Fraxel laser treatment side effects:

Having a fraxel laser treatment usually causes intense skin reaction. The intensity and the duration of this reaction heavily depends on the intensity / aggressiveness of the treatment and the healing ability of each skin.

These reactions are the following :

 Swelling: You will notice some swelling after (fraxel). It usually lasts for two days. To reduce swelling do the following:

- Place cold compresses on the area that was treated each time for 10 minutes, until you go to bed.

- Sleep with your head held high the first night. Use as many pillows as you can.

 Redness: Redness lasts up to five days after treatment. Immediately after the treatment is quite intense and gradually decreases. If you want, you can use makeup.

 Dry skin: Can you feel your skin dry or peeling. It is possible to notice a rough texture a few days after fraxel treatment. This is because the tissue in which the treatment was eliminated slowly and the new skin is regenerated.

 Floida- Peeling: When Fraxel laser treatment is aimed at removing stains, discoloration or melasma, appears a thin dark floida skin the next day after the treatment. The floida is removed slowly by itself as reconstructed skin.

 On the sixth day after the treatment the skin was clear from this floida completely. And in this case you can use makeup.It should be noted that people with a history of herpes therapists in the area are most likely to develop herpes symptoms immediately after treatment. In this case, tell the doctor to give you guidance on the management of symptoms.

How to care for your skin after fraxel laser treatment.

 It is important to help your skin to protect itself and heal quickly

 Sunscreen: Sunscreen advisable to provide double protection (UVA and UVB) and has SPF 50.

 The use of sunscreen will be done every two hours since the area in which it was treated with fraxel laser  exposed to sunlight.

Recommended ProductNeutrogena Age Shield Face Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 110, 3.0 fl. Oz.

 Hydration: The product that you will use should not be irritating and sticky, otherwise you may develop bouts. During recovery, use moisturizers and regeneration as often as you can. Consult your doctor to give you his opinion about these products.

Recommended ProductNeutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration, Night, 1.7 Ounce

 Exfoliate: Your skin will be very sensitive in the first week after fraxel treatment, so do not use products that irritate this period. Do not use exfoliating creams or products that contain glycolic acid and Vitamin A. Read the ingredients of each product.

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 Bleaching creams: Stop using bleaching cream while your skin is irritated. Use bleaching cream only when your skin is full recovered from fraxel laser treatment.

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