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Fraxel Laser – What is Fraxel Laser Treatment ?

Fraxel laser treatment is an evolutionary , arms breast and neck areas that manages achieve skin resurfacing and to cure the old skin cells, making the skin healthier, brighter and fresh. Fraxel laser offers the most advantage microlaser treatment that turns on the deeper skin cells with natural way so the skin can recover to its previous condition. You will feel and you will look younger while the wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks and bruising can disappear immediately without side effects and with a short term healing time for face, arms, and neck areas.

How does Fraxel laser work?

Typical laser devices can be applied on face only, but Fraxel can be applied at your neck, at your arms and on scars at any area of body where they exist.

This is possible because Fraxel laser είναι can heal thousands of tiny skin areas using laser beams that are going under the skin in order to heal the damaged cells. It is the only laser type that can penetrate deeper skin areas without destroying the protective layers at skin’s surface. The result is the natural activation of new collagen without the fear of further complications and burns. Fractional laser treatment boosts the natural procedure of organism healing that restores the burned skin making it fresh and healthy.

Fractional (Fraxel) Laser has the ability to aim 5% – 50% of the skin area leaving the rest 50%-95% available to aid to the quick healing of the area where the treatment takes part. Fraxel treatments are safe not only for face but even in more sensitive areas of the body such as neck, breast and arms.

Each person’s skin has different needs depended on his habits, his medical result and other variables. For these reasons there are different treatment plans for different skin needs. Dermatologist specialists who perform fraxel laser treatments will advice you regarding what kind of treatment is the right for your skin.

What can Fraxel laser treat?

FDA has approved that Fraxel laser can treat the following skin ailments.

  •     Scars that are caused by Acne
  •     Surgical or accidental scars
  •     Wrinkles
  •     Large Pores
  •     Sun spots and Age spots
  •     Melasma/ Pregnancy Mask
  •     Fine lines on face
  •     Discoloration and hyper-pigmentation
  •     Irregular skin texture
  •     Precancerous lesions

The Results of Fraxel Laser Treatment.

You can expect two types of results: short term results and long term results. Immediately after receiving the first treatment your skin will be brighter and you will notice a change regarding skin color. Skin will get better and the desirable results are visible on the next 3-6 months as the deeper skin layers continue the healing procedure.

Depending the type of your skin and the nature of the skin problem and depending your social and professional commitments you can decide how you want to receive fraxel laser treatments. A more aggressive treatment needs less visits but may require a few days “off” your every day program. A less aggressive treatment can produce the same results without the need of pausing your everyday duties but it needs more visits. Fraxel treatment is designed to give your doctor full control of the treatment depending on your personal needs.

Possible Side-Effects Of Fraxel Laser Treatment

After a fraxel laser treatment, someone can experience some swelling and possible redness. The strength of these side-effect depend on how aggressive the fraxel laser treatment was, your adherence to the proper post-treatment care (i.e. keep the treated area moisturized, apply some ice , etc.) , and each person’s unique healing characteristics because each person’s skin is unique. Some patients may experience fewer side-effects after more aggressive treatments while others may have more side-effects after less aggressive treatments.

There are a couple of other temporary that may include some peeling or flaking, minor itching and dry skin. Specific instructions will be given to you by your doctor about what to expect from your particular fraxel laser treatment and how can you minimize the side-effects.

In the following video Naomi Fenlin explains the procedure of Fraxel laser treatment for face and you can watch an example of a treatment session.



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