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Most popular laser eye treatments nowadays.

Part of our face and one of the most important human organs are the eyes.  Lasers are not used only for hair removal but also for treatments that aim to cure certain diseases and problems.

Laser treatment for eyes consists of technologies behind optical maser eye treatment. These technologies have return an extended manner since Jose Barrequer 1st pioneered the manual techniques in his clinic in Columbia within the 1950’s. This Spanish specialist was liable for inventing the microkeratome, the little blade that cuts into the membrane to form the flap before reshaping the attention for higher vision. Whereas several of his manual techniques have currently been replaced by ever-improving optical maser technologies, he is considered to be the father of laser eye treatment.

From his basic ways a full host of approaches to vision improvement surgery have developed. LASIK is the best noted, however this article will explore the opposite common surgical techniques as well. If you attempt to pursue optical laser treatment for eyes for your vision, you’ll be able to choose the technique which will offer your eyes the most effective vision doable.


This is the foremost standard optical laser treatment for eyes. A microkeratome blade cuts a flap within the outer eye, that is then raw back to access the membrane so it will be reshaped by a optical maser. the foremost common optical maser used is that the Excimer optical maser, that remaps the position of your eye up to 4,000 times per second to assure most accuracy.


PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy) is predicated on constant principle as LASIK, namely, that reshaping the membrane improves vision. The distinction is in however the reshaping of the membrane is completed. With PRK, no flap is cut within the membrane. Instead, the terribly outer layer of the membrane, the animal tissue, is reshaped by the optical maser.

This kind of surgery is a smaller amount invasive than LASIK, creating it additional appropriate for those with skinny corneas. It also can traumatize larger pupil sizes with less distortion of vision. the primary PRK methodology wasn’t approved by the government agency till 1995, though it had been unremarkably performed in alternative countries since the Eighties. The international analysis behind PRK makes it a quickly evolving laser treatment for eyes, and therefore the latest methodology of laser treatment for eyes approaching to the market now’s referred to as No bit, as a result of the method of reshaping the outer membrane is completed entirely by optical maser technology with no manual instrument use in any respect.


LASEK (Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy) may be a variation of PRK. Like PRK, it targets the animal tissue while not cutting a flap into the center of the tissue. Unlike PRK, it doesn’t improve vision by reshaping the animal tissue tissue. Instead, it leaves the animal tissue intact, lifting it up to permit optical maser contouring of the underlying membrane tissue. once this can be finished, it replaces the animal tissue over the reshaped tissue.

LASEK may be a optical laser treatment for eyes specifically marketed to those that have skinny or steeply falcate corneas. There area unit fewer complication for these sorts of patients than they’d have with a flap-style cut. you must note that recovery time with LASEK is longer than for PRK or LASIK. whereas LASIK and PRK patients sometimes see clearly consequent day, it’s going to take four – seven days when a LASEK procedure before clear vision is obvious.

Wavefront LASIK

The surface title refers to consequent generation of optical for eyes this kind measures not solely the form of your eye, however additionally the manner your eye distorts light-weight. this enables the optical maser eye treatment performed to handle any existing aberrations in your vision so you’ve got a crisper surgical outcome.

Wavefront LASIK is turning into a awfully standard alternative for those that have to be compelled to have advanced vision correction. Pilots, members of the military, and people UN agency have already got problems with aberrations in their sight can get the foremost out of surface LASIK. it’s considerably dearer than commonplace LASIK, therefore instead of instinctively choosing the “best” technique of laser treatment for eyeswhen a sales presentation, consult with your doctor what’s going to provide you with the most effective results for your specific visual scenario.

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