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IPL Laser Hair Removal, What it is.

IPL, Intense Pulsed Light laser hair removal treatment is a new method of laser hair removal where the hair on face and body is completely destroyed.The laser devices that are used to perform IPL hair removal emit intense pulsed light from a particular source and cover all the physical light spectrum.

IPL laser hair removal started back in 1995 when it was the first official approval of Laser hair removal from the FDA (Food and Drag Administration) of the US. Since then, the machines have evolved, so nowadays there are several types of IPL Laser Hair Removal machines for the treatment of unwanted hair.

How does IPL work?

IPL differs in that the emitted radiation is poly-chromatic and located in the visible light spectrum at 550-1200nm wavelength. The Laser is situated in a wavelength 300nm and the emitted radiation is monochromatic (invisible light spectrum). Hence the IPL laser hair removal is now one of the most widespread methods of hair removal because it is more gentle and absolutely painless.

Unwanted hair is the most common cosmetic problem. It results from either genetic predisposition or endocrine disorders and drugs. In recent years hair removal using laser machines and IPL pulsed light laser has become extremely popular. The basic principles related to IPL hair removal is that giving the area where the hair a certain type of energy is absorbed by the black color of the hair, leaving the skin intact. The hair overheats thus destroying the point that produces it.

Hair removal with intense pulsed light devices (Intensed Pulsed Light-IPL) is a method for treating unwanted hair growth on face and body, which combats the problem effectively and permanently.The purpose of photo-epilation is the destruction of the regenerative cells at the root of the hair to the skin.

These cells are responsible for the regrowth of hair.To high energy pulsed light emitted from the special machine heats the hair and “traveling” through the melanin reaches the root and destroys the hair follicle.
All this is done with great precision and without affecting all the remaining skin of the treated area.

The professional IPL machine is programmed to adjust the light emission depending on the photo-type of the skin, the size and color of hair that we want to remove. So the hair is removed safely and effectively even in the most sensitive areas with a high success rate.

It is necessary a meeting and discussion with the specialist before you start the IPL laser hair removal treatment.  It will be the assessment of the problem of unwanted hair growth and will solve any questions the person has.

Hair removal is perfectly safe if done using IPL laser and always under the supervision of a specialist. The ipl laser makes use of cooling mechanisms, which protect the skin making hair removal painless. The specialist is responsible for obtaining the complete medical history and physical examination of the customer to record skin color, thickness and texture of hair, as well as any hormonal disorders or taking drugs. Then, the customer’s card is updated with the settings of the machine specially for his case, in order to have the best effective treatment.

In each session the expert configures the light depending on the state of play of the “patient”. When the light passes over the skin the person may feel a slight “bite.” The duration of the treatment depends on the surface of hair removal. A mild redness that may exist, disappears within a few hours.

Imposed during the period made the IPL sessions in person to avoid prolonged sun exposure, to care for the skin and use sunscreen product.IPL hair removal cannot be applied when the skin is tanned.\

ELLA IPL hair removal machine

The first IPL laser hair removal session

It is logical that the sessions that are needed in order to achieve a definitive solution to the problem of hair removal can vary in duration and number, depending on the skin type and the area of the laser treatment. Where the skin is thinner (eg underarms and bikini) the results appear more quickly, while areas with thicker skin (e.g., back and chin) “reply” slower.The appropriate time to begin the process of IPL laser hair removal is when the hairs are in the anagen phase. We know that hair grows cyclically and the life cycle includes three phases, the growth phase or anagen phase, the Catagen and telogen phase, which is essentially the death of hair. In order for the IPL laser to be effective it should be done when the hair is in the first phase.. That is why the ideal interval between sessions are 30 days, because this is when the outgrowth of hair after the session begins. Therefore, at that time, most of them will be in the anagen phase. Hair reduction after each IPL hair removal session is 10-25%. The hair that regrows after treatment tend to be thinner and weaker.Se some cases, it may take some extra sessions, with few remaining hair treated.

The advanced technology of IPL hair removal systems ensures fast, flexible and safe treatments. The red light is absorbed by the hair’s follicle. By this absorption the temperature rises in the hair follicle, destroying its ability to regenerate. Hundreds of follicles are disposed in each pulse, which leads to a quick and effective method of treating the hair growth. The hair that was exposed to intense pulsed light is being discharged from the skin naturally after 1 to 3 weeks, leaving it smooth and soft.

The effectiveness of the method depends mainly on two factors i.e. the skin color and hair color. And of course other factors play a role as hormone-hereditary. There are people who after a few sessions saw a total and permanent solution to their problem. Many other people see a gradual reduction in the number of hairs and a gradual weakening. Usually after some iterations hairs are fewer and weaker. The permanence of the result is given in all cases.


Cycle of Hair Growth

The amount of hair growth cycle includes the following three phases

Anagen where the active growth phase of the hair follicle

Catagen phase where the rest of the hair follicle

Telogen where the apoptosis phase of hair follicle

During the anagen phase, the melanin is present in greater concentration in the hair follicle, resulting in higher absorption of energy in this phase. This is the desired length of time by which the new application is defined IAPL i.e. during regrowth after the first session.

In hair follicles there are two areas that guide the development and life cycle of the hair: the bulb (deepest end) and the bulge point (closer to the surface). These are the two selective targets for the complete elimination of hair

What to watch before the IPL laser hair removal.

It is necessary to avoid exposure to the sun for a mean of more than 15 days prior to treatment. If preceded solarium or sunbathing should update the beautician. Also avoid waxing.

What to do after the IPL laser hair removal treatment.

Suggest to use moisturizer (eg. Bepanthol) and the application of topical corticosteroids (eg. Fucicort) in erythema and necessarily use sunscreen on exposed skin sun spots treated.

How many sessions are needed for the final result

The number of sessions varies depending on the type of skin and hair color. Also play a role hereditary and hormonal factors, and medication.

Generally legs bikini-8-10 sessions. Armpits, trunk more.

For neck and face as the hair growth is persistent and hormone dependent is difficult to predict the final number of sessions.

In all cases it is necessary to apply commemorative sessions 1-3 per year in order to maintain a good effect.

Note that an excellent result is permanent hair reduction of 60% -80%.

Is IPL a painful method?

The feeling of discomfort or pain depends mainly on how sensitive is the area of the treatment, the number of hair, hair color and hair thickness and strength.

How long does an IPL laser hair removal treatment last?

It depends on the surface of the area to be treated. Larger areas (eg. Feet-hands) lasting 45min to 1 hour. While small (eg underarms) from 5min to 30min.

Bikini IPL hair removal.

Today, most women employ full bikini hair removal, unlike the past when the waxing was just confined to the area around the underwear. Unfortunately, the frequent use of razors and wax in this sensitive area, can cause side effects, such as cuts, irritation and folliculitis. As if this were not enough, the problem after a few days appears again and the whole process has to start again.

In recent years, it has adopted the view that the hair removal at the bikini area using IPL laser is the most secure solution for permanent results.

IPL laser hair removal side effects.

There are no long term side effects on the human body. Causing selective photo-thermolysis in the hair follicle, destroying only the hair follicle without affecting the rest of the skin or internal organs.

There are some possible short termed side effects that include: redness, swelling, hyperpigmentation, ypomelachrosi which in most cases are transient.

The IPL laser hair removal has no health risk issues because the radiation is contained in the wavelength of a common lamp’s light. IPL is using light rather than ionizing radiation, radiation or X-rays. Nowadays more and more people are turning to this method of hair removal, since the latest generation machines combine the best possible result with the utmost safety.

IPL laser hair removal at home

The last years, IPL technology has evolved and many devices for laser hair removal at home have become available in the market. Anyone can buy his own IPL home laser hair removal device and enjoy the hair removal effects from the comfort of his own house. You can read reviews of the best of these devices in this article: .

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