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Is Home Laser Hair Removal Safe?

For people that are on a tight budget and want to take care of their unwanted hair issues it is great to know that there are safe home laser hair removal options available. These are some steps to take to ensure that you can have a safe laser hair removal at home and be on your way to a smooth and hair free that is not so expensive as hair removal at a clinic.

  • First of all, consult your dermatologist doctor. The professional doctor can examine your hair color and your skin type and confirm whether you are a good candidate to have a home laser hair removal treatment. The best combination of skin type and hair is having light skin with dark hair, but there are also some devices especially made for dark skin.
  • Be patient and don’t expect immediate results. The first results will become noticeable after 3-4 sessions an the final results will come within up to 8 months of sessions.
  • Laser hair removal at home is an innovative method that is being available for over ten years. It is considered to be safe by FDA because it has been tested by them for other medical purposes too including skin treatments and removal of tattoos. Buy a device that is approved from FDA. An FDA approved device will not promise you permanent hair removal but permanent hair reduction.
  • Follow the safety guidelines precisely and don’t overdo it trying to have better results. Just do your regular treatments and results will follow. Again, it needs patience and it is something you do in order to have long-term results. These long-term results is a goal that can be easily achieved.

Here’s a presentation of the that are FDA approved and are currently available in the market. Read each product’s characteristics and make your choice depending on your budget and your needs.

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