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Is Permanent Laser Hair Removal a solution For You?

So, you have finally made the big decision that all the hair you have that is unwanted have to go away. You feel so tired from the daily or weekly routine of having to shave, wax or cream off the unwanted hair and you are seeking a more permanent solution. A popular solution in hair removal is the laser machines.

This treatment has been promoted as the permanent solution to remove the unwanted hair and it has shown a great promise in delivering regarding that claim. But before investing your precious money and time to perform laser treatments you owe it to yourself to make a research regarding the details of this procedure.

We hope that the following questions and answers will help you and give you some food for thought before you make your final decisions.

What exactly is the laser treatment?

The hair removal with laser process is centered on the delivery of light beam at a specific wavelength from an instrument that is handheld and is used into the skin, where it targets the material of the skin that is darker. Usually, the pigment that is found in hair is this material that is targeted. This damages  the hair follicle, eliminating or even slowing the future hair growth while i does not affect all the surrounding tissue areas.

Is this a safe treatment procedure to apply?

This procedure has been deemed safe to use by the FDA union only when applied by a licensed medical practitioner. You should always use a licensed doctor, preferably dermatologist or even a plastic surgeon, to perform this kind of treatments. And of course you should not be afraid to request some references from customers before proceeding to sign up for treatments.

What number of treatments is needed?

Generally this kind of treatments need multiple laser hair removal sessions. Basically, it depends on the size of the area that you want to be treated, the larger the area, the greater the number of treatments required. Face treatments usually are applied in small areas and may need less visits.The number of visits should be a key factor before you make up your decision because sessions might be quite expensive.

Am I suited for this procedure?

People having light skin and darker hair color tend to respond more positively to this treatment. The laser procedure is not so effective on un-pigmented hair like blonde or gray. People that have skin tones that are darker, or tans must be very cautious because there is a high risk of tissue damage. Extreme cases are known to experience lesions, burns or skin discoloration.

Are the results of laser treatment permanent?

This is a question that is always debated between experts at this area. Because of the fact that this procedure is relatively new, data collection is not yet so accurate to produce safe results. Until more data analysis and more experience is available, be wary of any doctor that claims that his treatment is one hundred percent foolproof. The truth is that hair removal process will result in a range of outcomes depending on each person’s physical characteristics. For sure you will experience a great reduction in hair growth and when hair grows back it will be finer in texture, weaker and lighter in color.

Before proceeding with a treatment you should always consult a medical practitioner experienced in this field and ask a lot of tough questions to get some answers. If you think you are satisfied with all the answers you will take this may be very well the answer you are looking for to your unwanted hair trouble.


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