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Is there a laser treatment for acne?

Laser treatment for acne is a non-surgical method that
uses a combination of intense pulse light and
radio signals to achieve treatment of acne scars.

What does laser acne treatment achieves?

Laser acne treatment insures the healing of acne scars.
Acne is a chronic inflammation of the pilosebaceous gland.
It has a big connection with hormonic disorders that happen
during the teenage years, but it is also common after the
age of 30 years for both men and women.
Hair, sebum and keratinocytes accumulate in the hair follicle
and they block the flow of sebum that tries to reach the
skin’s surface resulting in the creation of comedones.
Propionic bacterium is also involved in this procedure
and further exacerbates inflammation.

How can laser acne treatment insuers the desirable results?

Treatment is based on the combination of intense pulsed
light ablation for the treatment of acne.
The energy delivered is absorbed by the porphyrins (produced by the bacterium)
to deploy in a reaction sequence that
leads to destruction of the bacterium.
Also, the treatment reduces greatly the production of sebum glands
reducing the oiliness of the skin. It takes about 8 month sessions (2 per week)
and after 1-2 week follow up visits. The therapy may be combined with medication
(both local and systemic).

What are the contraindications for the treatment?

The treatment can be applied throughout the year to
all of phototype and there are no contraindications,
except for people that have some kind of photosensitivity.

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