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Facial Laser Therapy

Facial laser therapy is one of the most important that are applied nowadays. As the time pass by, the skin loses its firmness, presents relaxation, wrinkles appear, the skin color is altered and loses the youthfulness. This may be due to long sun exposure, hormonal changes, environmental pollution but also due to improper care. It can be seen on the face, hands, neck and starts from the age of 28 where the body’s defenses and collagen production begins to decline.

 The moisturizing and cleansing of skin helps to some extent.

Today, with modern methods we are able to wake up” the skin regeneration mechanism.

The laser facial therapy constitute a therapeutic, non-invasive, facial rejuvenation method with advanced and continuously improving technology for the treatment of aged skin, wrinkles, loosening and skin scarring.

 The aim of laser facial therapy is to increase the production of endogenous collagen through the stimulation of fibroblasts. As the skin is warmed by the light beam of the laser, the body goes into a process of “healing”, starting the correction of skin lesions, ie wrinkles, spots (freckles) and relaxation. The results are evident from the first session, the skin becomes smooth, firm and uniform regaining its youthfulness.

 The number of sessions is determined by the physician after performing dermoscopy to each patient and varies from 3 to 6 sessions. Advanced laser clinics can address the most mild and regeneration treatments to the most difficult dermatological events (acne treatment, rehabilitation of scars, keloids). A strong advantage is that non-invasive do not require any healing period. So the person is able to continue his/her everyday activities and go back to work after the facial laser therapy.

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