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Laser Facelift Treatment Primer

If you have ever considered getting a facelift and dismissed it as being too expensive, inconvenient, and painful, don’t give up. Thanks to the latest advancements in laser technology, you can get a laser face lift treatment instead.


What is a Laser Facelift Treatment?

As the name suggests, a laser facelift treatment involves the use of laser devices to rejuvenate the skin. Now, laser skin treatments are by no means new, but until recently they really couldn’t even compare to having an actual surgical facelift. However, thanks to some technological advancements, they are now that much closer to achieving the same results you could see on the operating table.


How Does it Work?

As with all forms of laser treatments, a laser facelift treatment works by using laser light to penetrate and heat up the skin. The idea is that “injuring” the skin in that way prompts the collagen in the skin cells to kick into action. The collagen helps to give the skin its elasticity and its smooth, unblemished appearance. The difference between today’s laser facelift procedures and the early days of laser skin treatments is that today’s lasers are much more refined and precise. Technicians can use that pinpoint precision to achieve some amazing results. Wrinkles, fine lines, and other blemishes can be greatly diminished, if not entirely erased.


Benefits of Laser Facelifts

Laser Facelifts have a lot of benefits. The obvious one is that you don’t have to worry about preparing for, enduring, or recovering from any kind of surgical procedure. There’s no need to worry about anesthesia, stitches, surgical scars, or any of the other complications that come with surgery.


In fact, most laser facelifts barely require any recovery time at all. You might be ready to resume your regular schedule in a few days, or possibly even faster. Whereas if you were to have actual facelift surgery you might have to miss work and miss out on a lot of other activities while you recovered for an extended period of time.


Types of Lasers Used

There are different types of Medical lasers used to achieve almost facelift-like results. One is called LazerLift. Another is called ClearLift. While LazerLift uses an advanced laser to treat both the outer and inner skin layers, ClearLift works by combining two technologies together. Those technologies are the Pixel Q Switch and the YAG laser. The combination is excellent because it can treat the inner skin layers without damaging the outer layer at all. That means that there will be less chance of the skin becoming infected.


Expected Results and Recovery Times

Of course, there are many different types of lasers on today’s market. So, the expected results and recovery times will vary depending on the procedure that you undergo. But you can count on the recovery times being minimal (usually under three days). As for the results, there is not true substitute for actual surgery yet, but the results of laser facelifts are about as good as you can get without going under the knife. You will definitely see a reduction in loose skin, wrinkles, sagging, and related problems.



The costs of laser facelift procedures also vary quite a bit. It all depends on the exact procedure and where you have it done. However, a surgical facelift can cost several thousand dollars, while a laser facelift usually costs a few hundred dollars.


Other Laser Treatment Options

Of course, you do have other options besides laser facelifts. You might prefer microdermabrasion treatment. You could also try chemical peels. If you aren’t sure what option would be best for you, talk to a certified dermatologist or to your regular physician. They can help you to make the best choice based on your skin type and the problem you are trying to treat.

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