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Laser Hair Removal at Home VS At clinic. What to choose?

Look at your options before investing in a device to use in the comfort of your own house.

Laser hair removal at home could be very convenient and less costly but does it has the same effectiveness as well as professional treatments? There a lot of (Intense pulse light) machines at the market that promise to deliver great results. There are brands like Boots, E- One, Tria and No No that all claim to make your skin smooth and hair free. Are these machines really worth an investment?

Laser hair removal at home may have many benefits depending at your needs. However, we often find out that these at-home devices are not nearly as effective as professional treatments at a salon. Before spending a lot of many buying an IPL machine you should know exactly what to expect from these machines. 

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal at Home machines.

Affordable: Quality equipment may cost over 1000$, but considering the fact that laser treatments at a salon may cost anywhere between $500 – $3000 per body part this is quite a saving. And a machine is an investment that you can use to other areas of the body without spending a lot additional money.

Flexibility: Well, you can use the machine any time in the comfort of your own house, without having to make appointments and loose time to visit a salon.

Privacy: Some people may not feel comfortable visiting a clinic especially if they want certain private areas treated.

Safety: If you use approved equipment, follow all the instructions, laser hare removal at home devices are proven to be a safe way to remove unwanted hair.

Regulation of Pain: You are in control of the intensity of your device and you are able to go with your own pace and find your own balance between a pain level you can handle and achieving your desirable results.

Results: With at home laser  equipment you really get what you pay for. Less expensive machines may not deliver the best results and the most expensive machines are shown to reduce amount of hair re-growth about 50 – 80%. These results last anywhere between 6 weeks to a year.

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal at home Machines.

Time Consuming: Intensity of these machines is not the same as the machines that are used in a salon, so more time will be needed to treat a desired area.

Regrowth:  The lower intensity of home laser systems could mean less effectiveness. Results will definitely last longer than waxing but they might not last as long as you expect them to do.

Usability: Some of these devices are quite complicated to use them and may be difficult to learn how to use them properly.

Replacement parts: IPL machines work by sending light pulses into the hair follicles, and these light bulbs will need to be replaced regularly. This cost should be taken into account when deciding if purchasing your own device is worth the investment.

Not recommended for any skin type: Typically, laser treatments are recommended for people with fair and dark skin. In fact, many of the at-home laser hair removal devices available in the market will warn that their product is not recommended for use for people with certain skin types or colors. Some machines ask to give them your skin type before proceeding. Incorrect use may result to damage such as scarring.

Professionals trained in laser hair removal will be able to assess your skin and hair type and will tell you whether this treatment is recommended for you. A trained clinician will be able to adjust the treatment having the risk of unwanted side effects or damage.

Laser hair removal at home needs Discipline: While with laser hair removal at home you can use the machine at your convenience but you should be disciplined in order to complete treatments or else the results will not be the desirable. You may need to apply 2-4 treatments a week for several weeks and you shouldn’t skip sessions if you are tired or busy.

If you make appointments at a salon it may be less convenient but you will stick to the program easier in order to complete your treatments.

Intensity:Machines for hair removal that can use them at home have several intensity options that you can handle if you think the treatment is painful. But if the intensity is low you will not get the desirable results. If you start to think that you should reduce the level too much then a salon may be the a better option because many clinicians use topical anesthetics in order to help minimization of pain and get the best results from each treatment.

systems may offer many benefits, especially if cost is an issue or there are no clinics in your area that offer this kind of treatment. However, laser treatment at clinic applied by a professional will give you better results in less sessions, with the added skill and expertise of a trained clinician.

If you decide to buy a home laser hair removal device you should definitely read our reviews about the . It is a presentation of the the best systems that are currently available in the home laser hair removal market.

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