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Laser mole removal treatment

Laser mole removal is recommended when there is suspicion of malignancy, when the daily activities of the patient are affected and when the moles are harmless but are a cosmetic problem for someone.

Moles, (are medically known as “nevi”), are constructed of clusters of pigmented cells that exist being dark and small spots on the skin. They have many different colors and sizes. Most often, moles appear on the face, the legs, the arms and the torso but they can actually appear anywhere on the human body. Most of them are harmless but there are rare cases that they could become precancerous and a surgical or laser mole removal is necessary. There are three types of mole removal, laser, surgical and natural.

Removing moles with laser

Removal of moles with laser is the latest developed method for removing moles. However, not everyone is suitable for this kind of facial or body . We need to be absolutely sure about the benign nature of the mole in order to proceed with laser mole removal treatment. Only if we are absolutely sure about the benign nature of the lesion can proceed to remove wart with laser. Otherwise we should select another mole removal method that maintains the lesion intact in order to be sent for biopsy.

Laser mole removal is considered to be the best treatment for flat mores that have black or brown color. Also, removing moles with this method is appropriate for young, small flat warts, while the application of laser mole removal should not be done in case of sizeable, older or very big moles, particularly for suspected malignancy moles that have not been explored with proper dermoscopy and mapping.

Removal of moles using laser is a procedure in which the light beam of the laser is used for the removal of the mole’s tissue.The pigment is then cleared by our own body’s natural healing process. A scab forms over the mole which falls away after a while. Because of the fact that hemostasis is simultaneous done by the laser, sutures or cautery should not be done after the treatment, thus leaving no scars and marks.

The area of the treatment may turn darker for some days after the laser mole removal. This can be easily covered by cosmetics. Patients are advisd to use sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure for about six weeks after the treatment.

Laser mole removal Cost and Health Insurancehqdefault

The cost of laser mole removal varies depending the location of mole on the body, the size and number of the moles you wish to have removed and the number of treatments that will be need. Usually the cost varies between $100 to $500 per mole. Moles in areas that are highly visible should be removed more delicately and that may result to a higher price.

Mole removal procedures are not typically covered by most health insurances unless the procedure is considered medically necessary. Mole removal could be considered medically necessary in case the area is examined by a dermatologist and he suspects that it may be precancerous or malignant and needs a biopsy.

Benefits and risks of laser mole removal


  • The most significant benefit of laser mole removal is that it is a procedure that is non invasive.The skin is not being cut or burned, something that minimizes the risk of infection.
  • Lasers are able to reach some areas of the body like the nose or the face that could be difficult to be treated using any other method.
  • Multiple moles can be treated at one visit/session.


  • The biggest disadvantage of laser mole removal is that laser is not able to reach deep into skin and is only capable of treating flat superficial moles. Moles who have deep roots cannot be treated effectively using the laser removal method.
  • Another disadvantage is that laser destroys the mole and somebody should consider to have the mole tested for precancerous or malignant properties before proceeding with the laser mole removal treatment.

Other Mole Removal Options

Laser mole removal may seem a fast and efficient way to get rid of annoying skin moles. However, this is a procedure that cannot treat all type of moles. There are other mole removal remedies available like natural mole removal, or surgical mole removal. You should consult your dermatologist, explore your moles and make a mole mapping before you decide to proceed with laser mole removal treatment.


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