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Laser ST – Facial Skin Tightening

So far plastic surgery was the only effective treatment for skin tightening which could make us look some years younger. On the other hand, who would want to wait until the problem of loose skin would need invasive treatment?

Today, there is a simple, fast and non-invasive alternative , laser skin tightening (laser ST), toning through Laser Pulsed Infrared Light technology and radio frequency RF. Laser ST technology is safe and effective and tightens the loosened skin while smooths the wrinkles giving the face a more youthful appearance and texture. Laser skin treatment delivers the fine lines around mouth and eyes, the horizontal forehead lines, upper lip and also tightens the loose skin of neck and face. Laser skin tightening is a painless and non-invasive treatment of facial renewal, addressed either in younger women who have not yet need a more drastic invasive method, like a face-lift, or in more mature individuals who wish to enhance elasticity and shine skin by restoring a more youthful appearance.

How does the technology of Pulsed Infrared Light work?

Without destroying the epidermis, the infrared pulsed light heats the deep levels of tissue (dermis) safely and efficiently. This is achieved due to the low absorption of the liquid component of the skin while stimulating mechanisms to improve the structure of collagen and elastin that guarantees a firm and youthful appearance.

Using the special head Near infrared ST (Skin Tightening) of Harmony laser, the energy of the infrared light penetrates the skin surface, regenerating connective tissues by heating the area where it diffuses, without destroying the epidermis.

What to expect from laser skin tightening?

The results depend on various factors such as age, the treatment area, the quality of the tissue and the size of loose skin.

Usually patients see improvement after the first session, while others may see some improvement gradually.

The process is painless and effective and there is no risk of complications when laser skin tightening is applied by a qualified plastic surgeon. It also requires no downtime. You can immediately return to your everyday activities after a laser skin tightening treatment. You may face a strong redness immediately after each session but it is not something serious. Sun protection is necessary and you should make use of some sunscreen.

What are the contraindications of the treatment?

The contraindications for facial treatment using laser pulsed infrared light are minimal and include people suffering from diseases of collagen, heart problems (flying pacemaker or defibrillator), or people who have any history of skin cancer.

In the following video Dr. Sam Lam narrates a procedural video showing the Alma Harmony Infrared ST Skin Tightening laser. You can watch it to see a typical example of the use of a laser ST.

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