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Laser stretch mark removal treatment

Laser stretch mark removal is a treatment that is performed using fractional CO2 laser (fraxel laser). This type of provides an excellent solution for stretch mark removal and it can give birth to new healthy skin under the surface of the skin.

If your stretch marks have a red color then you must hurry because they can be removed faster and at this phase the laser stretch mark removal treatment will need only about 3 or 4 visits.

From the other hand, if your stretch marks have a white color, then you will need a larger number of visits in order to make them completely disappear.

Fractional CO2 laser is an innovative method that is gaining ground in recent years to deal with stretch marks on skin and it appears to have the most spectacular results. In treating stretch marks by laser, the beam is divided into dozens of thin beams which sweep selectively to the skin surface. The effect of laser stretch mark removal treatment on skin stretching is creating multiple minor cuts beneath the epidermis, which stimulate fiber-blasts in order to produce collagen and elastin again. After the skin heals the damaged skin is replaced with new, healthy, reducing the depth of stretch marks under the skin. The color becomes more similar to normal skin color and stretch marks fade away. The skin texture is improved significantly while tightening of the skin is effected.

According to studies, the improvement of stretch marks by using the fractional CO2 laser  can reach in some cases a success rate of over 85% after about 6 sessions, while there has been no reported cases of patients not seen even a slight difference after stretch mark removal treatment with laser.

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