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Everything About Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal is a new technology that has helped a lot of people get rid of their annoying tattoos. Do you want to get rid from your x-boyfriend’s name tattoo? Then tattoo removal using laser is the perfect solution for you. You could also rework your tattoo and change it, but in case that you don’t want to have any sign to remind you your awful tattoo, then laser tattoo removal is the only way to do it. The most commonly used lasers for tattoo removal are the Ruby laser and the Q switch ND Yag.

What are the major advantages of Laser Tattoo Removal?

The laser targets specific points on the skin and destroys the tattoo without damaging skin tissue, a process that significantly reduces scarring. Different lasers have a different wavelength and pulse frequency. Also different type of rays are absorbed by different colors allowing the physician to individualize the session with the perfect combination of ray for depth and color in each case. After this process the skin is more uniform and has a more natural appearance despite a slight discoloration of the area that is unavoidable.

What to expect from the first meeting with the doctor?

During the first discussion about the procedure, the doctor will explain what to expect from the laser tattoo removal treatment. He/She will explain the different options available to you, the procedure, its risks and limitations and costs.

Your doctor will start by taking a complete medical history of you and examining the tattoo and your skin. The size, design, color and the area of the tattoo as well as color and texture of your skin are the factors that will determine the combination that should be done by laser. Also should tell your doctor about when and where did the tattoo because these parameters can affect the type of procedure.

Be sure to ask anything you are concerned and ask to see photos of previous similar cases of other patients. The surest way to end up with confidence in your final decision is to stay informed about the choices you have, the risks of the procedure and its advantages.

 How does laser tattoo removal work?

The doctor will clean the area of the tattoo and around to leave the surface skin oils. During the session you will feel intense light emission penetrating your skin. You will hear noise from the operation of the laser and you feel a mild and well tolerated nuisance in the area.

 How long does each session last?

On average each laser tattoo removal session lasts 10-20 minutes. It takes a few sessions to complete the procedure and the exact number of sessions needed will depend on the depth and color of the tattoo and often reach the number of 8 to 10 sessions in total. At least one month should elapse between sessions so you must be prepared to spend some time in this treatment. The session is usually done in the doctor’s offers and does not require hospitalization.

 How painful is the session?

There is a slight pain during the session. The feeling is like a burning or stinging insect. Before the session a numbing cream is placed local anesthesia is injected in the area to reduce discomfort.

 What to expect after the session?

You will face some redness in the area of the laser removal that will look like it is sunburned. It will last for a few weeks. A wound may be created, especially if the tattoo has penetrated deep into the skin. In that case, you should put some antibiotic cream to avoid infection of the skin and a bandage will be put on the area.

The healing time of the skin depends on each person and how deep was the tattoo. The redness an the tenderness in the area can last for some time and perhaps the skin loses its color temporarily. You must not expose the area to the sunlight because it will delay healing.

Despite the satisfactory results of the laser tattoo removal sessions you should know that the skin at the treated area is very difficult to return to its pre-tattooed condition.

 Who is the ideal candidate for this procedure?

In general, the ideal candidate for the sessions of laser tattoo removal is the person who:

• Is in good mental and physical health

• Not smoking

• Has understood the healing process

• Has realistic expectations

• He understood the limitations posed by the treatment for some time

• It does not affect tissue healing problems

• Not doing another kind of treatment

• Has patience and time to expect the final result

• Is informed about what kind of results he should expect.

These features are only a partial list of criteria that your doctor will take into consideration in order to decide together to proceed or not with the laser tattoo removal.

 Other useful information:

There are other factors that affect the final result of the procedure. An old tattoo or a tattoo that has been done by an amateur removed more easily than a newer or professional. Some colors or types of ink more readily removed than others. The evaluation by your physician is necessary to know from the beginning what to expect once the sessions.

 Risks and limitations:

With modern laser scars is rare despite the fact that the discoloration of the skin is a common phenomenon. The area that the sessions were can harden and the skin may become lighter or darker than it was before. Also can appear small skin cysts which is possible to be removed subsequently. To minimize the chances of something happening to the above to you, follow your doctor’s advice.

 You must:

  • Tell your doctor about possible allergies you have
  • Tell the doctor if you have been exposed to any type of radiation, if you have a history of scarring or have had herpes in the area
  • Tell your doctor if you have taken isotretinoin during the last half year before treatment. This substance can affect the ability of your skin to heal after laser
  • Tell your doctor if you are taking any medication
  • Follow your doctor’s advice about smoking, your diet and taking vitamins
  • Avoid taking aspirin for two weeks before each session
  • Tell your doctor if you ever previously had treatment in the area you have tattooed

Removing a tattoo by laser always requires several sessions per month until  the tattoo is completely gone. It is usually performed using local anesthesia and very likely to need different types of lasers according to the number of tattoo colors. If you decide to perform a laser tattoo removal process is wise for you to find an experienced doctor and follow the advice you will be given. After a laser tattoo removal process, you can say goodbye to the tattoos you think they no longer represent you, your personality and your life.

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