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Laser treatment for dark spots on face

Have you ever wondered if laser treatment for dark spots is effective to use for your face or body? Before you start thinking about a laser treatment for your dark spots, the first step you should take is to find the cause of these dark spots because there are different types of dark spots.

Melanin is the ingredient that gives human skin its color and if the production of it is too  much in an area of the skin that leads to patches of darker skin and freckles and liver spots. Dark spots on the face are called hyper-pigmentation and could be caused by factors such       as side effects of certain medication, exposure to sun and hormonal fluctuations.There are two different ways to treat these dark spots on your face, using chemical or natural peels and .

These are the three different types of dark spots.

  • Lentigines. These are caused from sun exposure, especially from exposure to UV rays. Usually a big percentage of people over 60 years old have them but many younger men and women could have dark spots that are related to sun UV rays. These spots don’t have any particular pattern and are scattered.
  • Melasma. Hormonal fluctuations is the reason that causes these types of spots that are called melasma. It could also be a side effect of hormone therapy treatments and birth control pills.  Women could see darker spots during menopause or pregnancy.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This kind of dark spots can occur from reasons like psoriasis, acne or burns and are a result of a trauma of the skin.

If you have already tried healing these dark spots using peels and other treatments and you are not satisfied with the results maybe you should consider talk to a dermatologist and go for laser treatment.

What is the proper laser treatment for dark spots on face?

The proper laser treatment for dark spots is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy that destroys the dark spot that is causing melanin using very fast pulses of light beams that hit this spot. The pigment areas at this spot absorb the light beams and shatter apart or vaporize. After that, the skin heals itself forming a scab and growing new un-pigmented skin in the place of old. This laser treatment is very effective but maybe quite expensive. If you have very light skin 4 or 5 treatments may be needed before the dark spots are completely healed.

Laser treatment for dark spots on face is the best option available in the case that these spots have been there for a long time, a year or more and are so deep into the skin that other topical treatments cannot reach them and heal them.

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