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Laser Treatment For Face Wrinkles

Laser skin resurfacing treatment for face is used in order to treat the mild-moderate wrinkles on face without having to do a costly and painfull plastic surgery. This laser treatment for face is non-invasive and the patients can experience a very quick recovery time and less complications than having a surgical procedure.  Laser treatment for face wrinkles can be performed by a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist and could need one or more treatments depending on the volume of the wrinkle problem.

How does it work?

Laser devices that are used for the treatment use a targeted thin beam of light in order to remove or to resurface certain areas of the skin. Laser devices are precisely targeted and can treat very small areas of the skin, avoiding any damage to the adjacent areas.

Laser Types For Laser Treatment For Face Wrinkles

The ablative lasers type burn the top layer of the skin and helping the growth of new collagen in the face tissues. Skin elasticity and skin firmess are promoted by collagen which is a natural protein. When the wound cause by the ablative laser burn heals, new skin is formed in place of the old one that is smoother and tighter.

The non-ablative lasers function promoting new collagen growth under the top layer of the skin. The recovery period is shorter using these laser because they don’t vaporize the skin layers.

Fraxel lasers may be used to pinpoint tiny areas of the skin like the skin area around the eyes. During the treatment a combination of these laser types could be used in order to provide the desirable results.

Conditions Treated

Laser resurfacing treatment for face can treat the dynamic and static facial wrinkles. The static facial wrinkles are always visible while the dynamic ones only become visible when the person’s facial expression changes. Beside wrinkle problems, laser skin resurfacing could also be used in order to treat the sun-damaged skin, the dark spots on face, the liver spots, scars, dark patches of the skin and blood vessels that may be visible on the face. According to dermatologists, laser skin resurfacing for face is not effective enough to treat deep wrinkles or to remove the sagging skin. For sagging skin the proper treatment is.

The Procedure

Before having a laser resurfacing treatment the doctor could recommend a use of an antibiotic in order to prevent any potential infection and some antiviral medications in order to prevent the appearance of a dormant virus that could be hiding and may be awakened by the treatment. The doctor will also ask you to have your skin prepared applying some creams or special lotions. Before having the treatment you will receive local anesthesia. General anesthesia will only be required if the laser is going to target some deep skin tissues. The laser will be aimed at various areas of the skin during the procedure. The feeling when the laser passes over your skin will be like a slight stinging. The procedure will take up to an hour depending the extend of the wrinkles.


Some protective ointment will be applied on the face after the procedure. There are some cases that some areas of the face will need to be bandaged. Some medication for pain and the use of ice packs could be helpful in order to reduce the swelling and the pain that exists after a laser skin resurfacing on face. The area that has been treated may look red and develop some crusts and the skin may have a pink color for a couple of weeks following the treatment. At that time, sun exposure should be avoided until the skin no longer looks pink. When you are ready to spend time in the sun again the use of a sunscreed is nessecary. (with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher). You may need someone to take you home after having the treatment due to the lingering effects that the anesthesia may produce.

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