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LLLT Laser Therapy

Introduction in LLLT

LLLT means Low Level Laser Therapy. It is a laser treatment that comes in a form of laser medicine. It does not work heating the tissue like the other laser therapies and treatments but it works based on the organism’s biological reaction to light. It’s all in the photochemical responses of specific wavelengths of light within our cell layers and cell organelles. Bargained cells react better than sound cells to photochemical responses so that short medicines with low level light on harmed tissue can impel a complex tie of physiological responses to improve wound mending and tissue recovery, diminish intense irritation, chronic pain treatment and even to make our skin look more youthful and more dynamic.

LLLT laser therapy has been called numerous names throughout the years including biostimulation, cold laser, and all the more as of late photobiomodulation. Low level lasers (generally diode lasers in the 10-200 milliwatt reach) have been the essential instruments yet there are likewise non-laser light radiating diodes (Led’s) and other light sources that are utilized.

Red light quickens hair development. It has additionally been demonstrated to biochemically dissolve fat cells. Low level infrared light has been indicated to essentially upgrade the recovery of stroke exploited people by sparkling a low level laser that you can’t even see or feel on top of your head for a couple of minutes on end. Sounds like enchantment isn’t that right? – well, it is. It’s light and it does appear to have supernatural properties. The investigation of this “enchantment” has ended up progressively better clarified lately and it is obvious that this is a substantial help for some conditions. Regardless of the logical legitimacy of LLLT laser there are still numerous business claims for gadgets that are not overall upheld and some are indeed out and out suspicious. The message to take from this however is to not toss out the baby with the bathwater when faced with a percentage of the periphery cases of LLLT . It has significant legitimacy as a valid therapy.

In U.S. someone can see that LLLT blue yellow and red infrared lights are being used in sport medicine and the physical therapy in order to enhance the healing time of soft tissue and has uses like treatment for arthritis or sprains and other injuries. Before radiation therapy LLLT laser has been used to prevent the dermatitis that was associated with breast cancer. In clinics and spas LLLT laser treatments are being used to enhance skin rejuvenation of the face and the body.

LLLT laser major use has been outside FDA restrictions and outside USA, where it has been a therapy for wound healing, especially chronic wounds. LLLT could enhance nerve regeneration in spinal cord.

Weight loss and quit smoking confusion.

There is a related type of LLLT laser that has been widely known and used but is not working using the same mechanisms of photobiomodulation. It is the weight loss and stop smoking clinics all over the USA. There is not much scientific evidence behind the mechanism of these therapies except the testimonials of the treated clients that have been publicized.  That does not mean that they could not be found to be valid therapies but there is a lack of evidence and it should not be confused with the LLLT laser therapy. These therapies may be valid, but the evidence is not there yet and it should not be confused with conventional LLLT. In weight loss and stop smoking therapies the light of the laser is used in certain anatomical points that have a connection to nerve networks. The regular LLLT laser for tissue regeneration and treatment of pain does not require this kind of targeting. If this kind of treatment helps people to quit smoking then it simple makes use of low level light laser heads instead of needles to produce the same effects like needle therapies and that could trigger the question whether or not the needles are more effective for this type of treatments. The fact is that most of people would prefer the light over the penetrating needles on their skin.

Final Thoughts of LLLT laser

The applications of the LLLT laser therapy are widespread and they could not be listed in much detail in this article. This is just an introductory article providing  general idea for the low light laser therapy. Someone should make a research about each specific use of LLLT laser and differentiate it from related treatments like weight loss or stop smoking.

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