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Skin Care After Laser Treatment

Skin care after having any treatment with laser is very easy and simple. Follow this advice that is useful for all laser treatments like laser skin tightening,laser skin resurfacing, , and varicose veins laser treatment.

  • During the first couple of days following a laser treatment who should be careful and prevent any injury that can be done to the treated area. You should avoid shaving for 24 hours after the treatment or wait for any caused irritation to go away before shaving.
  • While you are having laser treatments apply a sunscreen that has a SPF of minimum 30. You should avoid sun exposure or any tanning.
  • If you have breakage or blistering to the area that has been treated apply some Aquaphor or Vaseline ointment and call your doctor. If you want to protect the area more keep it covered and protected.
  • If you feel any discomfort or you have any redness or swelling you should try applying cold packs. You could also take Tylenol. Benadryl that is taken orally could also help.
  • If the treated area shows signs of infection or becomes tender contact your doctor as soon as possible.
  • You can wear makeup as long as your skin is not broken. You should apply it carefully and avoid any excessive rubbing because it could increase the possibility of scarring.


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