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Some advices for dry skin care

Many factors are causing skin to dry, especially things that have to do with the fast pace of the modern life.

Worries, economical problems that cause anxiety, tension and age make the skin to become drier, may cause lines near eyes and mouth, wrinkles and loosing of the color and glow of skin.

Also, failure of oil glands that fail to release enough oils in order to protect the skin results in dryer skin. Dry air, wind and other environmental factors, imbalance of hormones , chemical usage, harsh soaps that may be used in bathing may sap the moisture from skin leaving it dryer, especially when it is winter.

is not the only solution to your facial skin issues. It may fix some issues for your skin, but it cannot control your behavior towards your skin. If you don’t treat your skin as it should be treated, then you could have problems even after making .

Dry skin Caring.

Cleansing and moisturizing : Cold creams and alcohol free fresheners in order to remove the cream may be used in order to cleanse the skin. After cleansing treatment a lubricating emollient should be used the time your face is dump after the wash.

  • Wash your face using cold water or wipe the skin using rose water in order to tone the skin.
  • Avoid using soaps that have high alkaline and other detergents such as powders and washing sodas.
  •  You should avoid direct exposure to the sun. Also avoid hot baths and harsh winds., harsh winds and hot baths. You should make use of make up products and oil creams only.Very soft towels should be used when you wipe the skin in order to avoid irritation.
  • Smoking deprives oxygen from the skin and is a factor that makes the skin drier. If you are a smoker, smoke as little as you can.
  • If your skin is cracked you should increase a lot your everyday consumption of water. Keep the chapped areas lubricated. You could use a nice nourishing cream or even a moisturizer.
  • The products that you use should be ph balanced and mild such as moisture lotions, creams and gels for skin care for dry skin.

Diet is important for skin health.

Your diet is very important and plays a big role in skin’s health. A good diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, as well as greens, seeds and nuts gives the body all the required vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep a healthy skin. Eggs, garlic, onions and asparagus can help the skin to keep youthful healthy and smooth. Drinking water and minimum sun exposure are also critical.

A well balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds and nuts provides the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for healthy skin. Drinking water and reducing solar exposure to a minimum is also beneficial. Garlic, onions, eggs and asparagus help to keep the skin smooth and youthful. Carrots and apricots that have vitamins A and C keep the skin supple. Green veggies, yogurt and milk are also beneficial..

Avoid eating sugar, chocolates, lessen fried food and junk food. Also, avoid drinking soft drinks, alcohol and caffeine and other foods or drinks that have diuretic effecting because they cause the body and your skin to loose fluids, minerals and essential vitamins.  lessen fried foods, soft drinks, sugar, chocolates, junk foods, alcohol, caffeine and other foods that have diuretic effecting causing the body and skin to loose fluids, vitamins and essential minerals.

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