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Soprano Ice hair removal

Laser is being increasingly used in medical and aesthetic applications. Their use by qualified medical personnel is highly effective and completely safe.

The Soprano Ice at this time is considered to be the fastest device for laser . In particular, large areas of the body (legs, back) that other lasers may take two hours per session, using this laser treatment with the specific laser can take less than an hour. Results of the Soprano Ice are clinically proven and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Laser Treatment with Soprano Ice is:

  • Really painless without using analgetics or other preparations
  • Fast – Laser treatment may last less than an hour
  • Without downtime, you can return to the daily activities immediately
  • Effectively for all skin types including tanned skin from the sun, as well as different types of hair
  • Fuller to the surface covered by the laser treatment
  • Suitable for any area of the body, including sensitive areas like the face, the neck and the bikini area.    

How effective is Soprano Ice laser?

The Soprano Ice provides a safe, successful and long-term hair removal result in thousands of patients worldwide.
Soprano Ice provides laser treatment using two hair removal methods (Dual Mode),    
Palmo- Pulse (technology HR) and the present motion technology (In Motion / SR). The latter is a proprietary epilating technology by Alma Lasers and used worldwide (currently there are more than 3,500 systems installed worldwide) with huge scientific and commercial recognition.

The moving SHR technology works by gradually increasing the temperature of the dermis until it effectively destroys the hair follicles and prevents the regrowth, while fully protecting the surrounding tissue. Very short pulses with a high repetition frequency are passed deep into the dermis layer, achieving high energy accumulation and increase in skin temperature, substantially without pain.

The motion (In Motion/SR) technique is characterized by multiple and repeated passes, ensuring that the treatment area is fully covered, while the ICE technology prevents superficial burns, allowing the hair to be removed painless and effective.

Watch a sample of a Soprano Ice treatment using the motion technology by Alma Lasers and don’t forget to ask advice from your doctor/clinic about the treatments and decide if Soprano Ice laser treatment is suitable for your needs.



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